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So Exhausted! - [[ get samatrized ]] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
i go by me.

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So Exhausted! [Aug. 11th, 2005|04:14 pm]
i go by me.
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Got back from my school orientation thing just an hour ago. Man, I'm so tired. It was fun, kind of. Before I started going (I had about 10 minutes left), I was like "Oh my gosh, where are my keys?!", and I looked everywhere for them and wasted about 5 minutes, and it was RIGHT on top of my TV in my room (which was right next to me). I was so mad at myself, I went up and down the stairs and into almost every room, hah. So I had to run to the school in about 5 minutes, and thankfully I made it on time.

I saw Kelsey near the fence with all the other freshmans (the school is so huge, I had trouble finding her!) and I quickly ran to her. We also found Liz later on, and I saw my old classmate from 4th grade, Claudia. We three hung out together the whole day, it was cool. We got seats on the bleachers in the gym, and just minutes later it was all full and crowded with freshman. We each got separated into small groups to tour the school and do "fun, get-to-know-eachother's names" activities, which sucked. I met 2 new friends from my small group, Nykka and Allie. We had to be out in the trackfield (SOO hot!) while all the other lucky small groups were in indoors in the cool. The activities we did we're sorta weird, we played these games our leaders (which were seniors) made up.

We took our student photo I.D.'s, OH NO! I chose to take mine in grey background since it was free. 5 minutes later we received our student I.D. cards, dang it was fast.I totally messed up my hair, haha! Anyways, after, we went out to lunch and ordered pizza and some water. I didn't eat any pizza though, the line was so crowded, so I just got a bottle of water. Kelsey and I met 2 new friends, Eric and Jennifer. They were pretty cool. I also saw some people from my summerschool and said a little "hello" to them.

So then we all gathered in the gym again to be instructed and we had to turn in our forms to get our class schedule/textbooks/lockers. We got our class schedule first. I take P.E. as my first class with Liz (yay) only. I'm so glad we take P.E. in the morning, 'cause in the afternoon it gets hotter. Then I will take 2 classes with Kelsey (Spanish and Algebra), 2 classes with no friends (boo hoo), and the last class I take with Liz and Eric (Honors English). I know I will have so much trouble finding my classrooms...the school has like what, 100 buildings?! Next we had to get our textbooks. I received 4, and they were super heavy and big and I had to carry them all the way to the other side to get my locker information! My arms were so exhausted while on the way, so I rested a bit and waited up for Liz and Kelsey. We got our lockers (which we had to BUY for $5) numbers and mine is kinda near Kelsey's. Kelsey and I got an upper red locker, yay. Liz got a lower yellow locker, sucks. I just threw all my 4 textbooks in mine, I'm so not carrying them home, haha. I just have to remember to bring 4 booksox to the first day of school. I was so dehydrated and exhausted. It was FINALLY time to go home, YAY, THANK THE LORD!!

[User Picture]From: rpg_fanatic
2005-08-12 12:30 am (UTC)
Cool!!U had a school orientation...i was suppose to have one last week...and it was actually not an orientation...but juz to talk to the vice principle....and i only saw 3 kids....or was it 2...hm..
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[User Picture]From: xlifehasaspirit
2005-08-12 12:31 am (UTC)
Sounds fun. I had something like that last year when I was a freshman but I didn't go because our middle & high school are on the same campus so we already know everyone and our way around and everything. hahah.

Yum pizza. That's my dinner tonight. :P

I had PE class in the morning last year. It was okay but it gets my hair all messed up. :/ lol
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[User Picture]From: iwantfreemoneyx
2005-08-12 12:55 am (UTC)
Lol xD

Lucky, I will be so lost on the first day. Wish they gave us maps or something around the campus! Yeah, that's a pretty bad reason to have P.E. as a first class. Good thing my hair isn't that long, it'll get tangly!
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[User Picture]From: xfiona
2005-08-12 02:23 am (UTC)
We played Hide and Seek for our P.E. orientation. xD
My student ID looked like I just woke up from sleep...and I love lockers! Although we don't get lockers. It looks cool. 8)
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[User Picture]From: iwantfreemoneyx
2005-08-12 04:37 am (UTC)
Lucky, I love hide and seek! <3 LOL, that's what a lot of people were saying when they first saw their student IDs! Their face reactions were priceless. :P

The good thing about not having lockers is that you don't have to memorize a combo and turn and spin your lock around 100 times a day. It gets kinda frustating, and if you forget/lose your combo, uh oh.
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[User Picture]From: tearfulxsilence
2005-08-13 04:22 am (UTC)
Wow that seems stressful. Haha I guess I'm lucky to go to a small school where everybody knows everybody.. I don't really have to worry about not finding classes or having no friends until I go to college. lol
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[User Picture]From: iwantfreemoneyx
2005-08-13 05:55 am (UTC)
-outrages with jealousy and glares at Leah-

Haha just kidding, you're very lucky. I wish I went to a smaller school! I bet they keep it cleaner there, too. At my school's track field, theres litter and garbage all over the bleachers. Bleh!
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