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i go by me.

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First Entry [Aug. 7th, 2005|10:01 pm]
i go by me.
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music | go by common]

Okay, so I decided to try one of these livejournals out. Anyone know how to insert a banner up at the top of the page? Anyways...

Today was pretty boring. I stayed home and went on the internet for a while. I walked around outside my house and went to Jamba Juice. Ordered a Chocolate Moo'd (like always), those are so good. But after a while of drinking it, it gets kind of sick. I got so tired when I went home..so I rested. So..that was pretty much my boring day!

Yesterday was fun. I went to the movie theater (Century 20) with my cousin Jessica. We saw Sky High and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Sky High was okay...I want to throw fire, like that fine guy with the long hair. Anyways, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was pretty good. Johnny Depp was so good in it, and so was the boy who played Charlie. Johnny Depp was funny, I put some of his quotes in my profile (the "edible and cannibalism" quote). I liked the blonde girl who turned into a blueberry...she looked familiar. Isn't she the one from the "Wynn Dixie" commercials? So after watching that, Jessica and I wanted to sneak in to "Wedding Crashers", but we were tired so we wanted to go home. I ordered a junior box of popcorn and a drink. Jessica ordered a hotdog and some candy. Jessica saw some people from her school there at the theater. I saw my pastor, whoo hoo. He was watching "Sky High" with his wife.

So that ends my 2 days of ...life.