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Update [Aug. 19th, 2005|06:43 pm]
i go by me.
[mood |grumpygrumpy]

I think I'll be taking a break from LJ. School has just begun, so I'll be pretty busy. I'll still leave some comments time to time for my friend's LJ, though.
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Six Flags [Aug. 15th, 2005|01:55 pm]
i go by me.
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |how to deal by frankie J]

So yesterday was Six Flags Marine World with my cousins. It was okay, not really had a blast. So when we (my cousins and me) got there, we went on couple of rides. I rode on Medusa with Michelle, and it was my first time. In line, I was about to chicken out, haha. Medusa was huge, here are some pictures:

Fifteen million dollars well-spent! Anyways, we wanted to go on Roar, but the lines were super long. So we went around the mini-games section and played around. I played that game were you wack the things that pop up with a huge hammer. There were about 7 other people playing, and my cousins just watched me. I was so close of winning, lol! This one guy won by 150 points, and I got only 140. I just needed to whack two more freakin' moles! So then we went to the mini-game where you squirt the target and a little bar rises when you aim correctly. I played with Jessica and Jamie. Jessica won =P and she got a stuffed animal. Yay! We later went to Roar. It was my 2nd time going on it, I remember Roar was my first ever roller coaster I have ever went on my entire life! I
went on roar when I was 9 I think, lol. Here's a picture:

Couldn't get much of a general view of it. Just imagine a huge, gigantic, wooden roller coaster with many downhills, but no upside down loops or anything (my reason it was my first coaster). It was fun fun fun! Later we went to lunch. The lunch area was sooo tiny compared to Great America. It was like the size of my backyard! I went in to get a burger, some chili, and a Sprite. It was so crowded and we couldn't find a table (workers should really think about increasing the size and buying more tables). We sat on the grass to eat, better than nothing, haha. The bad thing was that Jessica got a grass stain, and she was wearing khacki (spelling?) pants! Poor Jessica, she just wrapped a sweater around her waist the entire time later. The food was yummy though. We watched a show later, forgot what it was called, but a show with a bunch of dolphins and whales doing some tricks. Quite boring, yet entertaining. We walked around later and went in some stores, bought some stuff. We then went to the baby place where they have bunch of little kid rides, whoo! Michelle, Jessica, Jamie, and I were actually small enough to fit in the rides! Too bad in some of them we were too tall to ride, haha. I rode on that little roller coaster which only goes around in a circle ONCE. The ride was only 10 seconds. The little kids thought it was an adventure though! Anyways...we also went in that ride, similar to the teacup ride in Disneyland. We ride in little cup-like figures and spin around. I got dizzy..haha. We also went on some other kid rides. We wanted to go home a little later, but before, we rode on some other roller coasters.

Next was V2 Vertical Velocity (I think that's what it's called). But I didn't ride on it. Too scared, haha! I watched Michelle and Jessica ride on it. Here are some pictures:

Doesn't look that scary, I know. But it was the greatest thriller ride in Six Flags (what I heard). There were 2 spikes, and this picture shows one of them. Then at the top of the spike, you just stay there for seconds, drop down super fast, and a bunch of twirls come next. Then it goes all crazy, haha. I think it's kind of similiar to Drop Zone in Great America..not sure which is scarier, haven't been on either (that's right, call me chicken all you want!).We wanted to go on Kong afterwards, but it was getting kind of late, so we headed home. I would have chickened out anyway, lol. Here's a picture of Kong, though:

So that was all! We did some other stuff, but I don't remember every detail. Just a summary. Great America is soooo much better! I love the roller coasters there, especially the water ones :) Can't wait to go next time. I'd also love to go with some friends, too. Aside from all the fun, school starts tomorrow! I need to quickly run to Walgreens and buy a few notebooks before it gets too late. Scared, but excited! Don't know what to expect. See ya there, Kelsey and Elizabeth. And also -insert other people I met here during orientation-.
Credit: here for the pictures.
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Days go by [Aug. 13th, 2005|12:29 pm]
i go by me.
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |spongebob]

Still staying home [bored] right before school actually starts, which is in 3 days. Wonder when I'm going school supply shopping? My brother invited 4 of his friends to sleep over for 3 days. And they're all 18! I feel so small >.< I had to sleep on the couch in the living room because 2 girls took my room and the boys took my brother's room. The girls were kind about it though, they kept on apologizing to me haha. One of the guys skateboarded, awesome! I got a skateboard, too, but will never learn how to! So my brother and all his friends leave the house for the whole day (yay!). My parents left to go to Sacramento to a fair. And then my oldest brother wakes up and gets confused. "Where'd mom and dad go?" and "Why are there all these sleeping bags upstairs??". I guess he'll trap himself up in his room all day and play with his electric guitar/computer. Either that or he'll just drive to the city, leaving me home alone.

Tomorrow I get to go to Six Flags Marine World (FUN) with my cousins. Have to wake up early in the morning and they can drive me there! Whoo hoo finally a day of fun before school starts. I'm sick of being stuck at home everyday. I'll write an entry up on that tomorrow or the day after. Well that's all, gotta go eat me some lunch.

WEEEEE!!!!!!!!! [/random]
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So Exhausted! [Aug. 11th, 2005|04:14 pm]
i go by me.
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |blank]

Got back from my school orientation thing just an hour ago. Man, I'm so tired. It was fun, kind of. Before I started going (I had about 10 minutes left), I was like "Oh my gosh, where are my keys?!", and I looked everywhere for them and wasted about 5 minutes, and it was RIGHT on top of my TV in my room (which was right next to me). I was so mad at myself, I went up and down the stairs and into almost every room, hah. So I had to run to the school in about 5 minutes, and thankfully I made it on time.

I saw Kelsey near the fence with all the other freshmans (the school is so huge, I had trouble finding her!) and I quickly ran to her. We also found Liz later on, and I saw my old classmate from 4th grade, Claudia. We three hung out together the whole day, it was cool. We got seats on the bleachers in the gym, and just minutes later it was all full and crowded with freshman. We each got separated into small groups to tour the school and do "fun, get-to-know-eachother's names" activities, which sucked. I met 2 new friends from my small group, Nykka and Allie. We had to be out in the trackfield (SOO hot!) while all the other lucky small groups were in indoors in the cool. The activities we did we're sorta weird, we played these games our leaders (which were seniors) made up.

We took our student photo I.D.'s, OH NO! I chose to take mine in grey background since it was free. 5 minutes later we received our student I.D. cards, dang it was fast.I totally messed up my hair, haha! Anyways, after, we went out to lunch and ordered pizza and some water. I didn't eat any pizza though, the line was so crowded, so I just got a bottle of water. Kelsey and I met 2 new friends, Eric and Jennifer. They were pretty cool. I also saw some people from my summerschool and said a little "hello" to them.

So then we all gathered in the gym again to be instructed and we had to turn in our forms to get our class schedule/textbooks/lockers. We got our class schedule first. I take P.E. as my first class with Liz (yay) only. I'm so glad we take P.E. in the morning, 'cause in the afternoon it gets hotter. Then I will take 2 classes with Kelsey (Spanish and Algebra), 2 classes with no friends (boo hoo), and the last class I take with Liz and Eric (Honors English). I know I will have so much trouble finding my classrooms...the school has like what, 100 buildings?! Next we had to get our textbooks. I received 4, and they were super heavy and big and I had to carry them all the way to the other side to get my locker information! My arms were so exhausted while on the way, so I rested a bit and waited up for Liz and Kelsey. We got our lockers (which we had to BUY for $5) numbers and mine is kinda near Kelsey's. Kelsey and I got an upper red locker, yay. Liz got a lower yellow locker, sucks. I just threw all my 4 textbooks in mine, I'm so not carrying them home, haha. I just have to remember to bring 4 booksox to the first day of school. I was so dehydrated and exhausted. It was FINALLY time to go home, YAY, THANK THE LORD!!
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Can't think of a wicked title right now. [Aug. 10th, 2005|10:01 pm]
i go by me.
[mood |nervousnervous]
[music |these words by natasha]

Just finished watching the new reality show "So You Think You Can Dance" (looong name). Melody, Ryan, Kamilah, Snow, and Melissa are my favorites so far. Congratulations to them for making the top 16, can't wait to see the next episode where we can begin to vote for them. That guy Blake is so cocky, but he's pretty funny. I thought he wouldn't make it after badmouthing the choreographer/judge, so good for him that he made it and hope he learned his lesson. I like Big Papa (aka Allan Forgot-his-last-name) also. He's pretty cool. Oh yeah, Daryl Brunt left Canadian Idol tonight. I thought he was cute, but I think it would have been better for him if he waited just a couple more years before auditioning. Still rooting for Suzi and Melissa! <33

I'm finished with 2 requests from IDF so far, and 3 more to go. Garsh, I've been pretty busy lately, hope I can get all these requests done in time before school begins, which is next week! Also went over to BCF (Blend Challenge Forums), I haven't went there in forever. There are sooo many talented blenders there! I just love to look at their galleries and artwork. Hope one day to be as talented as them! :)

I have to sleep a little earlier today. Maybe before the clock strikes after midnight. Dumb school orientation, darn you! Darn you to heck! I have to wake up at 7 AM too, not use to that over the summer! x_x Sorta looking forward to beginning my first day of high school, but kinda scared at the same time. Hope I'll see Kelsey or Liz tomorrow, out of about 1,000 freshman students. Sucks I only know 2 people. I'll miss Trisha, Monette, Jennifer, and all the others who are going to school in San Francisco. I wish I hadn't moved, then I would have stayed with them all. Plus, they start school on the 30th of August, lucky butts!

Hmm..anything else new today...nope. Later. Nervous for tomorrow, -bites fingernails-.
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Some Stuff... [Aug. 10th, 2005|08:11 am]
i go by me.
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |it's De-lovely by melissa o'neil]

I usually don't wake up this early, but I just did today because I couldn't sleep. It's all foggy outside, hope it will get sunny later on. These are the last few days I will be able to sleep until late after midnight everyday.

I have one more day to fill out a bunch of forms and turn them in to my high school. I'd better get started on that! The orientation is tomorrow, I get to see my fellow freshman classmates. School will start in 6 days, and I'm still not done with my summer reading book they assigned us. The book is as thick as -insert thick item here (I'm not good with analogies)-, I hope I'll finish in time! I get tested on all this during the first week of school x_x

I'm currently going for Suzi and Melissa on CI3. It's too bad I can't vote since I'm in the U.S. Ashley Leitao soo should have stayed longer! Last night was Big Band, and I think most of them did pretty good. Good luck to the top 7 tonight, whoever is going home. Hope Suzi doesn't end up in the bottom 2 again.

By the way, I got a new icon (again). It's Carrie! Credit to Myriam at carrieconnection.com for the avatar, except I added the white icon brushes. I also entered my first blend challenge at IDF, it was pretty fun :) I had to make a blend of Jessica Simpson in the Dukes of Hazzard. Many of the entries were good, so awesome job for the people who entered.
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Anything fun to do? [Aug. 9th, 2005|03:30 pm]
i go by me.
[mood |okayokay]
[music | iris by googoodolls]

New layout! Tell me if the background blinds your eyes.

Summer's almost over for me... and in these last few days, there's really nothing to do! I just stay home and sleep in, haha. My aunt gave me tickets to Six Flags Marine World right before school starts, hope I'll have fun there. I'll probably go rent a movie today. I already rented Fat Albert and Hitch..what else good movies are there? Maybe "Guess Who" or "Be Cool", I haven't seen those yet. Yeah, I love comedy movies, so anything that has to do with that is good (I hate horror movies!!).

It stinks! I'm separated from my only 2 friends who are going to high school with me because we have different classes. But hopefully I'll get to meet new people. There's also a "Link Crew" on the 11th, whatever that is. All the freshman has to go, though. We have to bring all these info packets and signed papers with us, so hopefully I don't forget anything since the school gave us 1,000,000 papers to sign right before the school starts. Thank God I live right behind the school! So if I forget anything, I'll just run home which will take me about 3 minutes.
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Bored stiff. [Aug. 8th, 2005|11:20 pm]
i go by me.
[mood |boredbored]
[music | breakaway by kelly clarkson]

I made a new avatar. Danielle rocks and she is so pretty. I know I stink at avatars..but hey, I've just begun making them. I want to go to one of those American Idol concerts so bad. Anyone have any tickets they are willing to sell for Los Angeles? Email me if you do.

Hard to believe only 8 days left till school begins. And I'm beginning school as a freshman in highschool. That's scary. And the sad part is, I won't have any friends going with me. I got some advice from some upperclassmen friends. Thank God I have some. I hope there are no bullies or anything. Boy, television shows really affect my mind about highschool. I'm so glad that at least 2 people I know are going to Mills with me, even though I'm not really their friends. I'll stick with Kelsey the first day since she doesn't have any one else to hang around either. We'll be best friends, muah ha ha. Like, just kidding. Liz is also going, I hope I get to hang with her too. She probably made some friends during the track tryouts and practices. I knew I should have joined track, what was I thinking? I'll join track next year as a sophmore. I miss running and the trackmeets. I'll probably join tennis this year, whenever the tryouts are.

Am I the only one with a LJ in my whole school? All my friends have myspaces. I have no idea why those became so popular, aren't they just like xangas? Many, and I mean MANY people from my old school closed their xangas (which once became so popular) and became all insane about myspace. I was about to get one..but I chose LJ. It's sad though, I have no friends I can add at livejournal.
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First Entry [Aug. 7th, 2005|10:01 pm]
i go by me.
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music | go by common]

Okay, so I decided to try one of these livejournals out. Anyone know how to insert a banner up at the top of the page? Anyways...

Today was pretty boring. I stayed home and went on the internet for a while. I walked around outside my house and went to Jamba Juice. Ordered a Chocolate Moo'd (like always), those are so good. But after a while of drinking it, it gets kind of sick. I got so tired when I went home..so I rested. So..that was pretty much my boring day!

Yesterday was fun. I went to the movie theater (Century 20) with my cousin Jessica. We saw Sky High and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Sky High was okay...I want to throw fire, like that fine guy with the long hair. Anyways, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was pretty good. Johnny Depp was so good in it, and so was the boy who played Charlie. Johnny Depp was funny, I put some of his quotes in my profile (the "edible and cannibalism" quote). I liked the blonde girl who turned into a blueberry...she looked familiar. Isn't she the one from the "Wynn Dixie" commercials? So after watching that, Jessica and I wanted to sneak in to "Wedding Crashers", but we were tired so we wanted to go home. I ordered a junior box of popcorn and a drink. Jessica ordered a hotdog and some candy. Jessica saw some people from her school there at the theater. I saw my pastor, whoo hoo. He was watching "Sky High" with his wife.

So that ends my 2 days of ...life.
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